**grintar**: A demonstration of reproducible analysis visualization and distribution of ergometer exercise data Jan-Willem Lankhaar
Alternatives to the **akima** package Roger Bivand
AmyloGram: prediction of amyloid sequences in R Michał Burdukiewicz
An online translational tool for time to event data Alberto Alvarez-Iglesias
Analyzing digital PCR data in R Machteld Varewyck
Applications of Big Data methods in Finance: Index Tracking Kamil Simka
Applying Data Science For Social Good In Nonprofit Organization With Troubled Family Risk Profiling R Dashboard Application TING-WEI LIN
Assessing and visualizing drug synergy Rytis Bagdziunas
Automatic generation of item analysis report in ShinyItemAnalysis using Rmarkdown Jakub Houdek
Bayesian item response modeling: an application to universities admission tests Irene Garcia Mosquera
Bike sharing usage with Shiny and Leaflet Alexander Kruse
biogram: n-gram analysis of biological sequences in R Piotr Sobczyk
BioMAn(TM): a user-friendly interface for targeted metagenomic data visualization and analysis Pauline Vaissié
causaleffect: An R Package for Causal Inference Santtu Santtu Tikka
Censoring in random effects models Matthias Kuhn
Central Bank Communications: Information extraction and Semantic Analysis Giuseppe Bruno
CHMM: an R package for coupled Hidden Markov Models Julie AUBERT
Comparison of different variable selection strategies to formulate predictive models in medicine Anita Windhorst
CONS an R Based Graphical Interface to Perform Consonance Analysis Victor Aguirre
CrispRVariants: visualising gene editing experiments with R and shiny Helen Lindsay
DDIR : handling social research data standard with R Yasuto NAKANO
DeducerHansel: Econometrics in *R* through a Graphical User Interface R. Scott Hacker
Developing R Tools for Health Risk for Ozone data Tiantian Li
Development of Data Base Integrated Hydrological- and Hydraulic Modeling for River Flood- and Urban Inundation Forecast Yoshihiro Shibuo
Development of R/shiny applications for the biopharmaceutical industry Xavier Lories
Do Presidents Have Sentiments ? Salvino Salvaggio
doAzureParallel - Using Azure as Your Parallel Backend for high performance work Brian Brian Hoang
Dynamic Item- and Teststatistics - A shiny GUI for test development Sengewald Erik
Dynamic Item- and Teststatistics - A shiny GUI for test development Sengewald Erik
Easy and Stable Deployment of *R*-based Software with *github* *devtools* and *docker* Daeyoung Kim
eesim: Simulating Air Pollution and Health Outcome Data with R Sarah Koehler
Enlighten the past: five years of luminescence data analysis using R Sebastian Kreutzer
Error model estimation for dynamic models by maximum-likelihood methods Mirjam Fehling-Kaschek
Exploring Europe's comparative advantage in low-carbon technology using R Robert Kalcik
Exploring TIMSS at the Question-Level With R Benjamin Benjamin Ortiz Ulloa
Frequency decomposition of connectedness measures Tomas Krehlik
Genome-wide retroviral integration mapping in agressive T-cell leukemia Nicolas Rosewick
How students learn Statistics: from tracing student's activity in R Commander to the visualization of their work through a Shiny app Martori Francesc
Impact of biased sampling effort and spatial uncertainty of locations on models of plant invasion patterns in Croatia Andreja Radović
Importance sampling type correction of approximate MCMC for faster state space modelling Jouni Helske
Integration of an *R* forecasting engine in the *.NET* back-end of *c-Quilibrium*'s cash supply chain optimization solution Davy Sannen
Interactive Shiny Applications for Flexible Modeling of Quantitative Predictors in Epidemiology Alessio Crippa
Introduction githubinstall package designed in JapanR user group Atsushi Atsushi Hayakawa
Modeling cage effects in microbial community in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) mouse model using mixed effect models Dea Rynanda Putri
Modelling distribution dynamics in R. Application to convergence analysis on a local level Piotr Wójcik
Modelling Spatial Point Data in R - sample applications Piotr Ćwiakowski
Multivariate ordinal regression models using the R package MultOrd Rainer Hirk
On the use of R for building a responsible data science workflow in the retail industry Hinda Haned
One by One: A Shiny Webapp for the Design and Analysis of Single-Case Experiments TAMAL KUMAR DE
Optimized *R* implementation of collaborative filtering Stefan Nikolic
Parallelised Time Series Spike Detection using R on the Hadoop Platform Timothy Wong
Plot it to Understand it Better: Creating Visualizations in *R* to Support Students in Interpreting Results of Machine Learning Algorithms Ágnes Salánki
Poisson hierarchical model to analyze allele specific RNA-seq data Ignacio Alvarez
Predict Hospital Length of Stay with R Xinwei Xue
Predictive Modeling of Emergency Care in Older Adults: Comparison of Supervised Learning Algorithms in R Jorn op den Buijs
Quantifying radiation health effects in the Life Span Study of atomic bomb survivors Benjamin French
R in support of civil society strengthening in the gender-based violence sector in South Africa Frans van Dunné
R packages for decision making problems Gonz√°lez-Arteaga Teresa
R2GPU: A Simple *R* Interface for General Purpose Computing on NVIDIA Graphical Processing Units Stan Pounds
Ranking influential communities in networks David Selby
Recency Frequency and Monetary Value in the 21st Century Jim Porzak
Routing Along Multiple Paths Andreas Petutschnig
Software Development by the Numbers Adnan Fiaz
startR - Retrieving multidimensional distributed data sets in R Nicolau Manubens
Teaching the Tidyverse in the Second Semester Undergraduate Statistics Course Kelly McConville
The Analysis of the Determinants of Exchange Rate via Conditional and Partial Granger Causality Test Erdogan Cevher
The causal impact of algorithmic trading on market quality Nidhi Nidhi Aggarwal
The E-learning System for Linear Models; The >eR-Biostat Initiative for Developing Countries Nolen Perualila
The R Journal: status Roger Bivand
Use of R at trivago Alex Dolphin
Use of text analytics for predicting market movements Tvisha Gupta
Using **R-INLA** to understand institutional moderators of drought Emily Burchfield
Using *R* in transdisciplinary approches for visualiazing and analysing people's perceptions knowledge and practices in complex social-ecological systems Frédéric Vanwindekens
Using R for an efficient and standard analysis of Design of Experiments. Cassandra Cassandra Mokdad
Using R for an efficient and standard analysis of Design of Experiments. Cassandra Cassandra Mokdad
Using R to protect athletes' health Saulo Delfino Barboza
Visualizing Meeting Data in Shiny Phoebe Wong
What's in the network? A stepwise overview of working with networked data in *R* Jasmien Lismont
Zero-overhead R and C/C integration with FastR Lukas Stadler